New look at HDD technology

VI Technical Conference ROE 2021
24th - 25th November, 2021
Hotel Hilton Garden Inn - Cracow, Poland











Conference Topics

ROE Technical Conference Program in 2014 – 2020


Basics issues
Introduction to HDD technology, applications, its advantages and limitations. Similarities and differences in „small” and „large” HDD.
The scope of field research carried out with the use of modern core extraction methods. Parameters and interpretation of geological surveys.
Borehole trajectory calculations, downhole pressure basics, estimation of installation forces and Torque & Drag analysis.
Drilling rigs
Selecting devices to the project class. Experience resulting from the application of electric drives and monitoring of technological parameters during device operation.
Borehole navigation
Magnetic systems of the MGS type and hybrid solutions with the use of a gyrocompass module. Dynamic bottom pressure measurement using the APWD real-time recording module.
Drilling technique
Technological parameters of the drilling process and technological programs – borehole hydraulics. Operation and configuration of the lower drill string (BHA), drilling with downhole motors and professional tools for the pilot, expansion and calibration stages.
Drilling fluids
Functions of drilling fluid and its role in the process of drilling HDD holes. Mud compositions and methods of conditioning a washer. The rheology of drilling fluids and operation in a closed fluid circulation.
Anti-corrosion protection of steel pipelines. Plastic pipelines in HDD applications.
Environmental aspects in HDD
Drilling fluids in the context of environmental safety. The role of pressure analysis in the prevention of hydraulic breakthrough to the surface. Classification of drilling waste and proper disposal.
Case study
Drilling reports and database creation and analysis. Experience with the installation of steel gas pipelines DN700 – DN1000. Crossing coastlines.
Project Management
The investment process of the trenchless crossing project in HDD technology. Information as an analytical tool. Quality and risk management – assessment methods. Schedule of drilling works and project valuation.
Industry standards
Compare the available reference documents. Technical standard developed for the Chamber of Gas


Specialist in their fields.

At ROE Conference we give the floor to one of the best specialists in a specific field in the cuntry.

Drilling technology

  • Robert Osikowicz (ROE)
  • Jan Ziaja (AGH)
  • Jacek Janicki (ZRB Janicki)


Drilling fluids

  • Marek Mróz (ROE)
  • Kamil Kasprzak (ROE)
  • Karol Gwóźdź (ROE)
  • Krzysztof Gąszcz (CETCO)

Drilling rigs and down tools

  • Raymond Petiet (Normag)
  • Andrzej Wieszołek (Tracto-Technik)
  • Roberto Maestrello (Colli Equipment)
  • Michał Fiuk (NOV Downhole)
  • Krzysztof Stróżyński (NOV Downhole)
  • Renzo Chirulli (Vermeer EMEA)

Navigation in boreholes

  • Dan Billig (Sharewell)
  • Marcin Serwiński (Prime Horizontal)
  • Szymon Paszkiewicz (Prime Horizontal)
  • David Court (Prime Horizontal)

Investments and pipelines

  • Roland Kośka (Gaz-System)
  • Paweł Pill (Uponor)
  • Cristian Grecco (TDC International)


  • Jerzy Sobkowiak (Geomenos)
  • Sebastian Jurczak (Geocore)
  • Łukasz Baran (Geocore)